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We are manufacturers of the most complete range of industrial and technical brushes in Portugal, we work every day to continue to be a reference in this market and industry segment.

The Grupo MAIA ® has the technology, knowledge, and experience necessary to satisfy all the requirements inherent to the execution of your brushes. The main points that connect and distinguish us with our customers:

We also invite you to visit our website and discover a wide range of products, we offer our customers the products that best adapt to their needs at all times.


Customizing an industrial and technical brush at Grupo MAIA ® is a standard product.

At Grupo MAIA ®, 60% of the industrial and technical brushes produced are by customer specification. With a virtually limitless combination of specifications, we can customize almost every aspect of your industrial brush, including shape, brush and filament length, stiffness, density, filler and base materials.

Industrial and technical brushes


 Industrial, professional and domestic cleaning. Variety of solutions that the MAIA ® Group offers you!

Professional applications

Professional applications

We offer a wide range of products and accessories for the most diverse professional and industrial applications. This selection includes, among others, brushes for DIY, professionals and industry, excellent in all processes of precision, finishing and removal of materials with total safety, in order to provide satisfaction and profitability to our customers.

Hygiene and detectable (HACCP)

Hygienic and detectable

Any place where expert cleaning is required. Typical markets that appreciate and purchase our materials include the food and beverage industries, catering companies, service companies, the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, among others.

Our hygiene and detectable products accomplish all the requirements of the BRC Global standard and IFS (International Food Standard) standards.

Certification (HACCP)
Consumption and accessories

Consumption and accessories

Since our foundation, we have worked to offer consumer products and professional and household cleaning accessories. As a manufacturer and distributor, we have products based on efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability, each sector of activity has its needs and seeks the best solution.