A man, a company, a history, three generations...

In the early twenties, Albino Maia, on his own initiative, started the manufacture of brushes and brushes in a small annex in his home. The company was founded in 1926 and over the 95 years of activity, we managed to transform something as simple as a brush into a very technical and complex product.

For us, “brushes” is a long and proud tradition.

In summary, we have always based our activity on three fundamental points: in life, as a gift from God that we have to know how to deserve and preserve, with respect, for everything around us; Customers and Suppliers, who deserve all respect and whom we always treat with honesty, which infuses us in the defense of their interests, so that they can continue to trust us; in our Employees and Friends, who, with their knowledge and honesty, did everything and do in the sense of preserving the prestige that we enjoy today.

Founder, Albino Maia


The history of Grupo MAIA ® combines determination, character and authenticity in these long 95 years

It concludes after long years in this activity, that, after all, our final product was only a raw material.

The most authentic thing was to have taught generations of men and women.

Founder, Albino Maia
(1906 – 1991)