At Grupo MAIA ® we know that our success as a company lies in the commitment of a team of professionals who strive daily to offer the best solutions
management team


Interaction between customers and business partners at eye-to-eye level. We know that we are not “perfect“, but we are “perfectly different“. That's why we invest in human relationships that go beyond just helping our customers and business partners.
Mayan Rose

Mayan Rose

Non-Executive Administrator
Teresa Maia

Teresa Maia

Executive Director

Finance department
Human resources department

Paulo Maia

Paulo Maia

General Manager

Commercial department
Technical department
Development and innovation department


The values ​​and principles that guide our way of life and business

Responsibility and cooperation

We are a family business that believes in family values, since 1924, today and tomorrow. Trust through respect, a willingness to help, loyalty and reliability is the basis for a successful partnership.

Culture, mission and values

We are a company with solid roots and an ambition for permanent progress. Our culture, our way of being and doing business is the link that holds us together and makes us special, in any business or geography.

The values ​​we share, which are at the origin and in our DNA, are a legacy for the future and for the way we create long-term economic value.

We see each day as a new beginning for new opportunities, new challenges and new triumphs.

Innovation and development

With our passion for the industry, we guarantee reliable precision solutions, offering our customers this vital innovative advantage in daily competition.