Model C.500



  • Heavy duty - aluminum frame and durable nylon brushes
  • Effectively retains dirt on the outside
  • Indoor and outdoor - Ideal for homes and businesses
  • Resistant to weather and UV rays - allows water to drain
  • Available in five colors and three sizes

    Price : 70,58€
    (Plus shipping cost and VAT fee in force)

    Price : 94,10€
    (Plus shipping cost and VAT fee in force)

    Price : 117,64€
    (Plus shipping cost and VAT fee in force)


Entrance mat with brush - Grupo MAIA ®, when aesthetics and efficiency meet!

O Grupo MAIA ® has the ideal brush mat to keep your space clean. Product available in three different sizes (40X60cm, 50X80cm, 60X90cm), with a choice of five colors (blue, red, green, gray and black), nylon filament brushes retain dust, moisture and small debris to keep their entrance clean and dry. Installed outdoors or indoors, our product, brush carpet, resists different climatic conditions (cold, heat, rain…) and frequent passages. In addition, its weight, regardless of the size of the carpet, will keep it very safe on the floor.

Technical Data :

  • Materials, aluminum, polypropylene and nylon
  • Carpet dimensions as an option, 40X60cm, 50X80cm, 60X90cm
  • Total thickness of 16mm
  • Filament colors as option, blue, red, green, gray and black
  • Package dimensions, 50X70X20cm, 60X90X20cm, 70X100X20cm
  • Weight: Approx. 6kg