What is HACCP

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control system (HACCP) is based on a preventive methodology, with the aim of avoiding potential risks that can cause harm to consumers, through the elimination or reduction of hazards, in order to ensure that unsafe food is not made available to the consumer. This system works in conjunction with the system 5S organization.

The seven fundamental principles of HACCP are:

  • Identify hazards and preventive measures
  • Identify critical control points
  • Establish critical limits for each measure associated with each CCP
  • Monitor / control each CCP
  • Establish corrective measures for each case of deviating limit
  • Establish verification procedures
  • Create a registration system for all checks carried out
Color code, HACCP - Grupo MAIA ®
Color code, HACCP - Grupo MAIA ®

Color coded, HACCP

Color-coded cleaning accessories have become standard practice in the food and beverage industry. The products can be easily identified, being very important in work places where there are several different zones of manufacturing processes, avoiding possible cross contamination.

You will find important information about the recognized HACCP color coding principles:

  • Use of color-coded cleaning accessories can reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • A color-coded definition associates each product with a specific area
  • We have available in our products, up to 11 colors

System deployment, 5S

The system 5S it is a simple process that helps your company to become a safe, clean and well organized workplace using a standard system. These principles work in conjunction with the guidelines of the HACCP to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • SORT - Define the necessary cleaning accessories and places of use
  • SET IN PLACE - Organize according to the designated color-coded zones
  • SHINE - Perform regular cleaning and maintenance
  • STANDARDISE - Establish standardized cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • SUSTAIN - Ensuring that standards are followed
Color code, HACCP - Grupo MAIA ®