Stacker broom, the most robust system on the market

A cleaning accessory, a broom for a highly robust and high-performance forklift for all your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. This system is applied quickly and easily to the forklift forks for quick and efficient cleaning of the floor in all industrial, recycling and agricultural environments.

Simple yet highly professional, it offers almost limitless possibilities. Without any technology, without rotating parts, our forklift cleaning system is easy to maintain and clean!

We have different types of brushes, for each type of functionality, high, medium and low density, combined with the type of filaments to be used, nylon, polypropylene or steel. Our replaceable or even recovered brushes with a cost benefit of 50%, are designed according to the work function for better performance.


Perhaps the most robust and most versatile cleaning system for forklift trucks on the market, “made in Portugal

Guaranteed results

A forklift cleaning system that easily scans dirt and debris, while being tough enough to move heavy quantities.

Quality and robustness

Our product is easily recognized by our customers for its uncompromising strength and quality of service.

Maintenance and warranty

Cleaning equipment requires no maintenance offering reliability.
We offer a 12 month warranty!

Environment and recycling

New replacement brushes or recover them with a cost benefit of up to 50%.
No market system like it!

Models and technical specifications

Width150 cm200 cm250 cm300 cm
Depth50 cm100 cm100 cm100 cm
Brushes (linear rulers)3666
Filament working height12 cm12 cm12 cm12 cm

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