Repair service of your used brushes

The process of refilling a brush with new filaments is feasible when the brush body is in good condition. This service allows economy, efficiency, speed, and also, the protection of the environment, through the recycling of materials.

The savings shown are substantial, allowing in most cases an economic benefit of 50% compared to buying a new brush.

Upon receipt of the brush used in our facilities, we remove the existing filaments, perform the cleaning, rectification and calibration of the core, and later it is refilled with filaments of identical characteristics, or with another one specified by the customer, or a third option that let us consider together more appropriate for the work to be done.

Type of client markets

We list only some of the sectors of activity our customers and for which we recover brushes

  • General industries
  • Cleaning companies
  • State, municipal services
  • Trade in machinery and equipment
  • Agriculture


What our customers say about us and this service. Trends come and go, our products remain.

Savings up to 50%

Economic benefit up to 50% compared to buying a new brush

Delivery times

We recover your brush in 24 hours, except for other technical specifications

Brush durability

We guarantee 100% the term of a new brush, respecting the original specifications

Environment and recycling

Economically, recycling generates wealth and contributes to the preservation of the environment

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