Model C.501



  • Strength and durability, stable structure in lacquered plate and brush with durable filaments
  • Retains dirt, quick dry and wet cleaning
  • Ideal for industries, sports parks and homes
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Available in blue color on the frame and black color brush
  • One size fits all brush, 35X20X120cm

    Price : 70,58€
    (Plus shipping cost and VAT fee in force)

    Price : 47,05€
    (Plus shipping cost and VAT fee in force)


Mat brush cleans Grupo MAIA ® soles, when aesthetics and efficiency meet!

O Grupo MAIA ® It has the ideal mat clean brush soles to keep your space clean. Product available in single brush size with 35X20X12cm, robust structure, nylon filament brush traps dust, moisture and small debris to keep the soles of your shoes clean. Installed outdoors or indoors, our product, a sole-cleaning brush, withstands different weather conditions (cold, heat, rain…) and frequent passages. Also, its weight and ground anchors will keep it well secure on the ground.

Technical Data :

  • Structure materials: Lacquered steel sheet
  • Brush materials : Polypropylene block/body and nylon filaments
  • Useful height of filaments: 100mm
  • Brush size: 35X20X12cm (Length X Width X Height)
  • Colors: Blue frame and black brush
  • Packaging dimensions: 45X21X23cm (Length X Width X Height)
  • Weight: 4.0kg